Photography is my passion. Whether it's by the sea waiting for the perfect moment, or trying to create a work of art that reflects my gratefulness for having the eyes to see the beauty in front of me. Starting in film 20 years ago, paired with an art background, has given me the experience to truly see the world in a different light. My college Art History professor told me that once your mind and eyes become open to the world of art you will never see the same again. You will be able to walk down a simple avenue and see art in everything from an old doorway to a reflection in a pool of water. It's as though you become a part of this secret club that sees the beauty in everything that others just seem to pass by.

Back in the "film days" I was able to achieve a high level of experience that is not available today. There wasn't any form of digital manipulation back then. Exposures had to be right on. Compositions had to be perfect. The light had to be beautiful. If there was a gorgeous scene in front of you with power lines running through it, you moved on. If you were on a beach and there were footsteps in the sand, you waited for the tide to sweep them away. Then you had to wait two weeks to get your film back to see if you got the shot you were hoping for. If not, there was no fixing it in photoshop. It took a level of commitment and passion for photography to endure that long learning curve. It's a level of commitment that's not needed today, as photography has become the easiest of art forms to learn, allowing any mistakes to be fixed on the computer. But my film experience in all its beauty and frustration is what allowed me to develop my craft to the high level it is today. I am so grateful for that.

It is quite an experience being able to live your passion everyday. What's even better is being able to share that with someone. My wife, Brianna, is my partner through all this. She is involved in every level of our business. With a simple touch she elevates everything we do to a level of elegance that I could never achieve by myself.

We hope to share our art and passion with you. Our photography is more than the traditional portraits that are dominant today. I photograph in a way that shows your soul, shares your emotions, and transforms you into a work of art unlike any other. Your photographs will be treasured as family heirlooms and works of art that will be passed down through generations, just as the painted portraits of old once were. I will eternalize you through our art.

With all our gratefulness,

Christopher, Brianna and our children Stella & Max


Look for our upcoming book titled "You Are Mona Lisa" about our mission to change the portrait world.