Not so long ago the finished product from a portrait commission was always a print. It was something tangible, something you can hold, admire and exhibit in your home for all to see. Today we take an endless amount of images. More than ever before. Then they either stay on your phone or get loaded to your computer to be hidden on some hard drive destined to be forgotten about.

Can you imagine long ago those fortunate enough to have Rembrandt or Renoir paint their portrait and then instead of hanging it on their walls it was just stored in a closet for no one to see. What a shame that would have been, especially for such masterpieces. Is storing our portraits on our hard drives not the same thing? We think it is. So with your portrait commission our end goal will be beautiful fine art prints that you will be proud to exhibit in your home. They are printed at the highest level, equivalent to my fine art prints hanging in exhibitions and the walls of art collectors.

In order to serve you at the highest level we do not require a minimum purchase order. We even take it a step further and will refund your entire session fee if you do not purchase anything from our commission together. That is how confident we are in our ability to reveal the art that you are.

Contact us via phone, email or our contact page for a complete Product & Price list.