Edgar Degas...An impressionist painter from the late 1800's.

He was a leader in such circles that included Monet, Renoir, Bazille, Pissarro and Cezanne. His days in Paris, often from a small cafe in Montmartre, gave birth to the ideas that broke tradition and changed art forever with the creation of the Impressionist Movement. His works, especially those of the Paris Ballet, have always been an inspiration for me as an artist.

Stella...Our first child...Our daughter.

I had just finished photographing my wife. The camera was still in my hands. Stella was wearing her favorite purple dress. She asked me to take her picture. My heart melted...

Little did she know that she would give birth to an idea that would change my photographic career.

In this series we will create images of your favorite dancer, yourself or your child, that truly express the soul. Dance is an expression of self through performance that results in art. This deserves images that reflect love and passion. Images that capture the art and soul of a dancer.

Edgar Degas...My favorite artist.  Stella...My inspiration for this series.

 "Stella", Photoplace Gallery, 2015

"Stella", Photoplace Gallery, 2015