What makes us different among the endless amount of photographers today?

Number one is our customer service. When you call, we will answer or get back to you as soon as possible. I am easily reachable. You can call, text or email me as much as you need to make our time together everything you hope it to be. You are important to us! We also have a very quick turnaround with your images. They will be ready for viewing within two weeks from our session. I have seen some unacceptable turnaround times from photographers shooting people close to us and we vowed never to do that to our clients. You see it's really quite simple. Without you none of this would be possible. I have dreams for my life and my family. All of you are helping me accomplish them, helping me be who I want to be. For that I am forever grateful and will give you the best that I can.

Second is our guarantee. We do not have a minimum purchase. We also take it a step further and will give you a refund of your entire session fee if you do not purchase anything from us. This is unheard of in the portrait world. We are able to do these things because of our confidence in our abilities to provide you with a service and art unlike any other.

Lastly, I am an artist! My passion is art! I am currently pursuing my career as a fine art photographer as well as portraiture. My personal work has been awarded, published, collected and exhibited in art galleries. There aren't many portrait photographers who can say that. Rembrandt, Degas and Renoir weren't just portrait painters. They were artists! And this is exactly what you will receive from us and no one else.

During our session I am creating art for your home that you just happen to be in. I am photographing your soul, hopes, dreams, who you want to be and how you want to be remembered. I will make you live forever through art, just as the old masters did. I believe everyone is two people. The person they are and the person they want to be. And life is a constant journey of making those two people the same. I will bring you one step closer...